Can’t I just google what I need and “wing-it”?

 Yes – of course you can! Many compliance requirements these days are simple – the trick is knowing which ones. If we can point you to a simple (or free) way for you to genuinely achieve your goals, we will. If not, we’ll set out clearly what we can do for you and give you a no-frills price to consider.

Is a contract always cheaper than a one off?

No, but the more that you buy, the more likely it will be cheaper to buy as a contract. So if for example you want risk assessments and a policy, our contract rate will be less than the standard daily rate. Don’t forget, under contract you also get great benefits:


What great benefits?

So glad you asked!  This little lot…

  • Access to our 24/7 helpline (manned in the UK by people who will understand your business)
  • Unlimited advice by phone and email
  • Ability to pay by instalments
  • Newsletter delivered direct to your inbox
  • Discount on additional services purchased
  • Ability to use our name as your “Appointed Persons” for health and safety

 Hit me with “Appointed Persons” again?

Sorry! We slipped into legalese there – but necessarily so. It’s the legal term for people that you assign to assist you in in making and implementing your health and safety arrangements. Every organisation, big or small needs them. We are particularly good at this and work in that capacity for one man (and woman) bands through to multinationals.

What if I want all the work done straight away, can I still pay by instalments?

Yes – of course you can! Typical contracts are between one and three years and are binding. So obviously you have to meet the payments when they are due, but we timetable the actual work to be undertaken to suit you. So if you want it all the first month, so be it!

Just meet the payment scheduled agreed when you take out the contract and that’s it.

How are the contracts priced?

Competitively! Last time we checked we were better value than our competitors; however, feel free to challenge us to beat any genuine quotation. We won’t underprice to get your business, as that’s not fair, and we don’t like it if others do it to us, but, we will do what we can. When you take in to account the other features of our pricing, we bet we can better most quotes.

What “other features”?

What “other features”?

Where do we start? There are so many!

  • We don’t watch the clock… There is none of this “one day means from 09:00 until 17:00 with an hour for lunch” rubbish. We turn up when agreed and stay until we’re done. If we’re honest, regular coffee helps…
  • We don’t charge you “subsistence” or travel costs. You’ve given us the business and are happy to pay our rates – why should you pay more?
  • We give you commission. When we delight and you want to share the love with other contacts that you have – we say thank you if that lead results in a sale. We can either pay you a lump sum, or provide a discount on your next bill – you decide.
  • We actively network on behalf of our clients, often making valuable introductions that could not have been made through any other source.
What happens if I’m not happy with what I get?

No idea – it’s never happened yet.  Thinking off the top of our heads, we’d do everything we could to put it right. If a genuine problem remains, you’d get a full explanation and apology, and naturally, you’d not be expected to pay.

Wow! How can I resist, what do I do now?

Ah, we were hoping you’d say that – contact us by phone or email, let us know what’s on your mind and one of our friendly team will arrange to visit or talk to you on the phone (your choice) to work out what you need.

We’ll then follow up with a written fixed price quotation and promise not to bombard you with sales calls whilst you consider it.