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You’ve found Ahead Start Consulting, the company that helps you do today…what you say you’ll do tomorrow.

In short, Ahead Start Consulting offers you small business prices for large consultancy services and products in key management areas.

Whether you’re an expert in your field, are drowning in a sea of legislation or are just starting to get to grips with a topic, we can offer solutions that fit at a price to suit your budget.

Health and Safety, Fire, Fire Door Surveys, Training, Risk Assessment, Business Continuity Planning and Procurement

We offer genuinely bespoke products and training at off the shelf cost – so whatever you get, we ensure it fits with your organisation.

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Despite the light-hearted approach on this site – please be assured, we are serious about your safety.


If you need help with any (or all) of the following;


Health and safety?

H&S Policies, procedures, handbooks, inductions, HS(G)65 systems, training at any level, risk assessment safe systems of work, accident investigation, audits, reviews and much more!

Fire management?

Fire risk assessment, general fire training, fire warden training, fire control policies, fire evacuation plans and maps, fire risk assessment training etc.

Contract tendering?

Completion of contract paperwork, identification of system gaps, getting accreditation with systems such as CHAS, Contractor Safe, Construction line, vetting suppliers to work with your company etc.

Business continuity planning?

Assessing vulnerability, devising project plans, writing continuity plan, testing plans, provision of training, plans from 2 pages of A4 to full integrated plans.

Personal profile analysis?

Understanding an individual’s preferred working style, creating job profiles, help with defining the qualities needed in strategic teams, help with recruiting someone that fits – rather than someone who just interviews well!

The rest

If you can’t see what you want here – why not make contact anyway?

If we don’t already provide the service you are after, we might just know someone good who does, in which case, we’ll give you their details (that could save you hours of fruitless Googling).

Or, if you’ve got a problem that we can tackle for you and we’ve not already thought of, we might just start it up, just for you.  Many of our best products started that way.

A final thought, as you will have been the inspiration behind the idea, you will definitely get an introductory rate as a thank you for helping us expand.





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  • advise
  • speak in English
  • make friends
  • suggest
  • go the extra mile
  • enjoy what we do providing a personal and proactive service
  • leave you with support
  • form a true partnership
  • provide practical solutions
  • chat on the phone / partake in email conversation for free


  • preach
  • hide behind legislation
  • refuse a coffee
  • lecture
  • over complicate
  • oversell
  • wear anoraks
  • take risks with your organisation
  • make ludicrous suggestions
  • charge more than our quoted price